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Potala Thangka is an online Thangka shopping store claimed by Sonam Tamang situated in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala .Here you can discover hand planned unique gold silver and white paper artworks ,we are happy to introduce you the online thangka workmanship exhibition for a wide range of thangka canvases . Craftsman is one of the most presumed thangka painting maker in Mcleodganj natives from Nepal ,we are the best in town. Our exhibition offers a particular assortment of unique thangka works of art.

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Potala Thangka is a maker of the best Thangka in Mcleodganj . We have been sending our remarkable Thangka to number of shops everywhere round the globe also in retailing our items in Mcleodganj since 2005. You can likewise figure out how to paint Thanka Art, We are situated in Bhagsu Road ,Mcleodganj, all our thangka artworks are uniquely portrayed, painted and planned. The creation of a solitary thangka may take multi weeks to over an year and some time considerably more. Thinking about the measure of time and exertion put resources into the creation of each thangka , We additionally make modify plan and size of a wide range of Thangka .

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Potala Thangka produces a huge assortment of thangkas structure little one to huge one. We additionally take uncommon solicitation structure for our esteemed customers. Thankas has a wide scope of styles, on different subjects. Thanka canvases are by and large speak to Buddhist and Hindu Gods, Goddesses, pondering Buddha and his life cycle, Wheel of Life, Mandala, Bhairab, Exotic pictures, and so forth Basically they accompanies an idea of Tibetan cosmology, soothsaying or medication. A thanka can assist a go between with learning and copy the characteristics of a specific god, or to envision their way towards edification. Thanka can welcome endowments on the family and fills in as a steady token of the Buddha's lessons of sympathy, consideration and intelligence. Thanka of specific divinities might be utilized for insurance or to defeat challenges, for example, ailment. Most thanka are scroll canvases generally outlined in a rich brilliant silk brocade and have slender silk shroud covering the front surface. They are particularly Tibetan, profoundly strict, and have an interesting craftsmanship style of their own. Tibetans have consistently considered the thanka a fortune of gigantic worth.

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For us Thangka is an old craftsmanship introducing current realities of Budha life, it portrays different realities of Buddhism of spiritualist order. Thangka at our store is painted on silk or cotton textures utilizing brilliant shades of numerous tints . Mclo Thanka design is of uncommon quality, hand-painted by Nepali and Tibetan craftsman.

"Thanka" or "Thangka" is accepted to have come from the Tibetan word "thang yig" dat implies put down account. Thanka are utilized for number of reasons as divider - adornments. For, Lamas Thanka is object of strict significance. Thanka is an object of dedication, a guide to profound practice, and a bearer of endowments. Based on methods included and materials utilized thanka can be assembled into a few classes. For the most part they are isolated into two general classes: those which are painted (called bris-than in Tibetan) and those which are made of silk either by weaving or with weaving (called gos-than). The Thangka Paintings are additionally isolated into five classifications:

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Learn The Thanka Art Painting

You can contact us for the training programs conduct by our professionals to learn Thanka Art ...It includes various steps followed to design a Thanka painting .

We also organize the thanka learning workshops for the periods of hours to several days , as per schedule ,for that just drop a mail to us.

Weekly Workshops

The weekly workshops are organized by us for dedicated learners of Thangka Art Painting at our Head Office Potala Thangka ,Bhagusunag Road Mcleodganj. Just send an email for bookings

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Buddha Design

To sketch the figures in a Thangka or Thanka, the artist must be an expert in the measurements and proportions of Buddhas, Boddhisattvas and deities, as outlined in Buddhist iconography.

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Antiques Gallery Design

We deal in wide range of Budha Antiques , praying wheels , wall hangings , singing bowls and handmade Thangka Art Paintings. Explore more at our online store

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Our Team

Sonam Tamang is a renowned artist in Thangka Art Designing profession , with deep knowledge of Thangka Art Mcleodganj ,Dharamshala HP India

Sonam Tamang Owner Artist

Mithu Tamang ,artist and wife of Sonam is the backbone of Potala Thangka Art Shop in Mcleodganj

Mithu Tamang Artist

Thangka Art Training Sessions are operated at our workshop periodically . You can join as per your schedule

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