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Live Art passed through generations and and as a family we create customized  Thangka in an old craftsmanship introducing current realities of Budha life, it portrays different realities of Buddhism of spiritualist order. Thangka at our store is painted on silk or cotton textures utilizing brilliant shades of numerous tints . Potala Thanka design is of uncommon quality, hand-painted by Nepali and Tibetan craftsman.

Method Making Thangka :

Thanka painted with many colors in the background     

Painted with a gold background

Painted with a red background

Painted with a black background

Paintings whose outlines are designed on cotton sheet and coulored

There are various types of thanka utilizing different canvases. Nonetheless, most are painted on material or paper. The white fabric is first mounted on an edge and water-based colloid chalk is applied to the surface. It is cleaned with powder when dried. The canvas is consequently prepared for painting. Aside from this, there are thanka which are networks of weaving, woven silk, silk embroidered artwork or appliqué. Weaved thankas are finished with multi-hued silk strings. Silk woven thanka accept the twist of brocade as the base and applies the strategy for jacquard weaving with hued silk strings as the weft. With appliqué thanka, human figures, plans and examples are removed of shaded silk and stuck onto the canvas. The subsequent work is additionally called "embellished weaving." Tapestry thanka are woven with the strategy for "complete twists and broken wefts: which requires the utilization of the weft strings on the twist just where the image or plan needs it. The "emptied out" work creates a three-dimensional impact. Embroidered artwork thanka are thick, firmly woven, gently planned and perfectly enlivened with shaded silk strings. There is one more sort of thanka in which flawlessly planned shaded textures finished with pearls and valuable stones are connected to the texture with gold string in this manner making a radiant and astonishing impact.

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Unfinished Thangka

Unfinished Thangka Painting

Customized Thangka Paintings
KaalChakra Mandala
Select & Choose Design

Mclothanka.com is online thanka store of best Thanka. Like: Buddha Life History Thanka, Buddha Mandala Thanka, Avai Lokiteshwor Mandala Thanka, Kalachakra Mandala Thanka, Wheel Of Life Thanka, White Tara Thanka, Green Tara Thanka and so forth. You can choose design to build a customized painting

Longlife Mandala
Thangka Planning

The step after finalizing the design we care to pick best suited colour combinations and size for the chosen Thangka to be designed. Then we make a sketch of the pattern and paint it on the canvas. We can help you out to hold on with your choices to built your first Thangka masterpiece.

Longlife Mantra Mandala
Sketching and Painting

The last and final step for designing the Painting is to make a sketch art of the design and then to fill with golden ,black or red background . Wit lot of patience and hard work the final creation comes out from the raw white pencil sketch design.

Customized Designs
Students right now

The Thangka designs with Potala Thangka are pretty impressive and painted with genuine colors. Wish them a good luck

Samantha Smith Sales Executive

Sonam is very helpful person while teaching his students with patience and peaceful mind.

Gregory Wilson Freelancer

The art has been shifted from older generations to the current artists in Potala Thangka gallery Store.

Robin Tunny Assistant Manager